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The "flexitarian" movement is beginning to change the way food is made.

We've all heard of vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians. Some people (like me) proudly call themselves carnivores due to their love of meat. But the fastest growing consumer group in the food and beverage space is the "flexitarian." These people make vegetables the staple of their diet, but will occasionally eat meat and fish. And food companies are taking notice. 

This article discusses the new formulation of Perdue Farm's "Chicken Plus" product, which is a 50/50 blend of chicken and vegetables including cauliflower, chickpeas and plant protein. The reason behind the new approach to already popular food items like dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, is the changing market forces due to the rise of "flexitarians" -- who say they want to cut down on meat in their diets but don't want to give up meat altogether. 

I for one will probably give these new products a try, just for the novelty. Whether they and other "flexitarian-focused" products will have long-term staying power, or just be a short-term "fad," remains to be seen.  

These flexitarians have a commitment to including more plants and vegetables in their diets. Yet they still eat some meat. There are enough of them — an estimated one-third of North American shoppers — for a large company like Perdue Farms to take note and make some changes accordingly.


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