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Experts predict pandemic-induced changes on our plates and grocery carts for 2021.

After the tragic events of 9-11 travel never has been the same. Similarly, there should be little debate that the pandemic of 2020 will change our way of life forever -- including in the way we eat. In this article, experts predict that COVID-19 will make eating at home, private dining, and eating to enhance your health and immunity a permanent part of consumer behavior. It's hard to disagree. Most of the article's other predictions are fairly non-controversial. The rise of plant-based foods and the flexitarian diet has been the subject of ample public discussion, including by Michael Best's food and beverage team. The prediction somewhat unique to this article relates to "heritage cooking," prompted by the surge in consumer interest in food and beverage brands "owned by Black people and other people of color." More diversity -- in society and in food and beverage options -- is something to look forward to in 2021.        

Looking ahead to 2021, many of the food trends predicted by chefs, retail executives and other experts reflect the changing way consumers eat both at and away from home.


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