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Hat's off to Sensient's Color of the Year, "Rising Orange."

Our friends at Sensient have developed a color of the year for 2021 that is designed to represent a new day of joy, optimism, and renewal in the food and beverage space -- "Rising Orange." In this article, Sensient describes the color as something to "[r]echarge consumers" and "[u]plift .. new product innovation. "As the rising orange sun warms the globe on the new year, consumer outlook progresses to a sense of renewal and optimism, as they seek out packaged goods to help naturally recharge their mind, body, and soul from the prior year." Well said Sensient.

Sensient Colors 2021 Color of the Year, “Rising Orange”, takes refuge in nature and symbolizes the shade of a new day, weathered by the past, but optimistically rising bright for restoration.


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