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Preventive medicine testing delivered to your doorstep and on your own time...

At Michael Best Strategies we are continually looking for methods and innovations to help our health care payer and providers in improving the health of their members, especially now that they need to stay safe from COVID-19 exposure. In some recent research, I ran across this cutting edge company that can use a simple at-home test and mobile app technology to identify existing or potential chronic kidney disease. 

"The smartphone has the potential to be the great equalizer of healthcare," said Yonatan Adiri, founder and CEO of "To unlock this potential, companies must adhere to the highest clinical standards. Our second FDA clearance and additional funding allows us to expand access to critical tests and care beyond our first 100,000 patients in Europe and Israel, making it a reality for millions of Americans suffering from diabetes and hypertension, who are at risk for chronic kidney disease."


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