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Happy Birthday Michael Best Strategies!

Last evening, on a cloudless 59 degree day in our nation's capitol, we gathered on the rooftop of our stunning offices at the Wharf along the Potomac in SW DC to raise a socially-distanced glass in celebration of Michael Best Strategies' 7th birthday.  Strategies' President Rob Marchant was there to mark the occasion as was President of the Law Firm and Chairman of the Strategies' Board of Advisors, former RNC Chair and WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Congressman Steve Israel of the Board of Advisors was also in attendance sharing his experiences with the group.  

Our Firm's GR affiliate is like a dynamic high-speed train that has left the station and those that want to benefit from this talented, bi-partisan, diverse and energetic group should get on board.  I am so lucky to have this team a part of my office in DC!

Somewhere in heaven, former Senator Kanavas is smiling.

Cut the cake!!!


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