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Nitrogen Targeted Standards' EIA Available For Comment

If you are following Wisconsin's controversial development of targeted performance standards concerning nitrogen leaching to groundwater, be aware that the Economic Impact Analysis was released this week for public review and comment.  The comment period is open until April 10th.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also released proposed draft rule text so that agricultural producers can see how the proposed rule will affect their operations.  The standards are being developed pursuant to Governor Evers' Executive Order and will, no surprise, target livestock CAFOs first for implementation via Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs).  Reach out if you have questions...

"The NR 151 rule modification is to develop a targeted performance standard to abate nitrate pollution in areas of the state with highly permeable soils which are susceptible to groundwater contamination (sensitive areas) for the purpose of achieving compliance with the nitrate groundwater standards. The rule revisions will define sensitive areas in the state and the performance standards needed to protect groundwater quality in these areas."


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