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Dairy Deniers Take Note! "The World Wants U.S. Dairy"

ICYMI - The National Milk Producers Federation (The National Milk Producers Federation | The Voice of Dairy Farmers ( recently released a report refuting the "dairy is dead" storylines with data.  The report notes that in 2020, total milk solids exports topped 2 million metric tons for the first time ever and revenues were the highest since 2014, according to U.S. Dairy Export Council data.  America's dairy farmers are truly feeding the world as 16% of total production is sold internationally.  

How about thanking a dairy farmer today for all they do to supply the country and world with wholesome dairy products.  

"Per-capita consumption of all dairy is its highest since the 1950s" ~ NMPF's "Dairy Defined: The World Wants U.S. Dairy"


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