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Health is Wealth – Keep this Treasure Safe

At Michael Best Strategies Health Innovation Group we are researching additional ways for payers and providers to help their members and patients with early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease. Especially since 37 Million Americans have Kidney Disease, and only half know about it. Early-stage kidney disease usually has no symptoms, but it can be detected through simple tests. 

Due to years of conditioning, we just assume these tests must be done in a doctor's office. But more and more innovators are bringing this solution to your doorstep with remote technology and at-home testing kits

National payers who manage Medicare and Medicaid patients also will have a heightened sense of prevention with new CMS guidelines around reimbursements. These new regulations, scheduled to deploy in Jan 2021 have been postponed until 2022 due to many factors including COVID-19. 

While being tested in a laboratory through your doctor is the gold standard, a lack of access to health care and insurance coverage can make testing at the hospital or through a traditional doctor’s office difficult and expensive for some people.


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