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The Virtual Lifestyle Goes Public

The pandemic pushed us all further down the digital convenience road – online currency and digital payments, online grocery delivery, online dating, online news and data analytics, online trading and financial services, gaming and robotic automation. It is a whole new world, and many companies have seized the moment. The IPO's planned for this year show that these trends might be here to stay.

Despite a pandemic, 2020 turned out to be a great year for IPOs, with 494 IPOs raising a combined $174 billion, setting new records on both counts, according to data from FactSet. Rock bottom interest rates and continued post-pandemic spending packages should keep demand for new issues high, and there's no shortage of quality private companies looking to tap public markets. Here are Ten of the biggest 2021 IPOs to watch: Bumble Instacart Robinhood Markets Nextdoor Stripe Roblox Coinbase UiPath ThoughtSpot Ascensus


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