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Sed Heads Wake Up! Wisconsin Issues Draft Sediment Remediation Guidance for Comment

If you are involved in a sediment project in Wisconsin, whether it be state- or GLPO-lead, you are well aware that the process is often three parts experience, judgment, lines of evidence and precedent and only one part rulebook.  Promulgated sediment cleanup standards in a look up table?  Not so fast....

The Wisconsin DNR has issued a draft guidance/fact sheet (publication RR-0115, Guidance: Contaminated Sediment Fact Sheet) on sediment remediation for public comments.  Comments will be accepted until July 1st addressed either to Carrie Webb at or to

"The fact sheet is a brief outline of the typical approaches that are used to navigate through Wisconsin Statutes (Wis. Stat.) ch. 292 and Wisconsin Administrative Code(Wis. Admin. Code) chs. NR 700 to 799 with respect to the investigation and remediation of contaminated sediment." --WDNR.


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