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3 Web3 Predictions for 2022

Venture capital investment in blockchain related industries and technologies surpassed $25 Billion in 2021, which was 445% more than 2020.  With Web3 being all the buzz ringing out 2021, the increased investment trend and interest in Web3 looks to only to continue in 2022. Here are three (too early) predictions for Web3 in 2022.

  1. The debate on how decentralized Web3 really is will decentralize investment into Web3: Jack Dorsey says VCs really own Web3 (and Web3 boosters are pretty mad about it)
  2. With intellectual property and patent protection having been filed in 2018 and 2019 and patents are being issued, the interaction of "Thought Acre" and "Meta Acre" will need to be an important part of everyone's Web3 strategy
  3. NFT's will trend towards more AR than VR to adopt mainstream adpotion  


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