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Smart Naming for Small Business - Distinctiveness is Key

One of the most valuable things a business owns is its name.  A well-chosen name identifies the business while distinguishing it from the competition.  When it comes to choosing a name for your new business or product line, it is important to carefully consider what type of name will set you up for success.  You want a name that allows consumers to quickly recognize that name as your organization and not a general type of product or service.  You want your name to be different from the name(s) your competitors use.  You want a name that communicates your unique identity and values to consumers and encourages them to engage with your business.

As a member of the Public Information Committee with the International Trademark Association, I recently outlined the importance of choosing a distinctive name to meet these goals. You can check out these suggestions, as well as find links to INTA resources for selecting a trademark at: For SMEs, Distinctiveness Is Crucial for Brand Identity and Reputation - International Trademark Association (

A business’s identity and reputation help build consumer trust and encourage customers to return, especially in a competitive business landscape. A strong, distinctive name starts things off on the right foot.


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