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Here is one of the best set of predictions for 2022 food safety that I have seen ...

The folks at Food Safety News, with help from the non-profit organization STOP Foodborne Illness, published this article earlier this month providing a "crystal ball" perspective on 2022 food safety topics. Some were fairly obvious based upon recent events (e.g., the salmonella situation, issues over leafy greens and water), and others have been on our food safety radar for years (e.g., the overhaul of the governmental food safety structure). I personally found that issues raised at the end of the article most interesting. Will there be a movement to vaccinate food handlers against Hepatitis A and irradiate food? Will the growth of indoor farming continue and how will cost issues be addressed? While it is impossible to predict the outcome of these issues with certainty, we do know the challenges of 2022 should make for a very interesting year.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that the future is impossible to predict. The same is true with food safety, but there are several trends that are anticipated to continue in 2022. 


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