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Showboat wins Wisconsin Inno Madness championship

Congrats to Showboat on their recent win in the Wisconsin Inno Madness to secure the coveted title of 2022 Inno Madness champion!

Milwaukee Business Journal's Wisconsin Inno Madness competition included 32 local startups competing for the championship.

"Inno Madness is our friendly, bracket-style challenge where readers vote to advance companies based on one question: Who would you invest in? Whether you believe in one mission or product slightly more than another or would prefer to back a more established company versus an early-stage startup, how you answer that question is entirely up to you."

About Showboat:

As the concept of the metaverse gains steam, Showboat is positioning itself as a bridge technology between existing 2D virtual technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and the virtual reality (VR) metaverse that could be ubiquitous in the future.

"What Showboat offers is the metaverse now, the metaverse of 2022," Showboat CEO Nate Kresse said. "You can send a link to a group of people and all hop in an immersive environment and meet face-to-face, more like you can in real life."

Learn more: Showboat

Our Wisconsin Inno Madness competition is here! We've got 32 local startups vying for the coveted title of 2022 Inno Madness champion.


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