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Uptick in Union Organizing Continues Across the Country

Reversing the trend from the past several years, union organizing continues to make waves. On the heels of all the recent union news involving Fortune 500 companies Amazon and Starbucks, a lesser-known employer faced a definitive defeat on Friday.

On May 12, workers at a rural Georgia factory receiving substantial federal funds voted to unionize. The result isn't just remarkable because Georgia historically has had one of the lowest percentage of workers represented by a union (just 5.4% in 2022), but also because it demonstrates how the government is using federal funds to (successfully) put its thumb on the scale in favor of workers.

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"[T]he 697-to-435 vote by Blue Bird’s workers to join the United Steelworkers was the first significant organizing election at a factory receiving major federal funding under legislation signed by President Biden."