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Proving that there is a list for everything, here are the top 10 states with the dirtiest restaurants.

It seems like everywhere I look I find another list. The top 5 romantic trip destinations, the top 10 sports franchises, or the top 20 Father's Day gifts for Dad (I'm hoping my kids are reading those). This morning, I ran across a list of the top 10 states with the dirtiest restaurants. 

The study was conducted by an outfit called Affordable Seating, which analyzed data compiled from TriAdvisor reviews. If the words “dirty restaurant,” “rats,” “roaches,” or “hair in food” were mentioned, the establishment qualified (and justifiably so, if the reviews are accurate) as a dirty restaurant. New Jersey led the way by a lot, with 320,520 total complaints, 1,883 reviews mentioning hair in food and 810 complaints about rats and roaches. Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas rounded out the top 5, with Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Nevada, and Georgia taking the 6 through 10 spots. 

I was happy to see that my home state of Wisconsin was not in the top 10, but I wasn't surprised. If you've watched this season of Top Chef, you know the restaurant scene is terrific here in the land of the Cheeseheads. Check out the accompanying article to see how your state stacked up.

A recent analysis has revealed that New Jersey holds the dubious distinction of having the dirtiest restaurants in the United States. According to data compiled from TripAdvisor reviews, New Jersey had an overwhelming number of complaints regarding restaurant cleanliness, far surpassing other states.


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