Last Thursday, a couple suing HGTV star, Alison Victoria, and her business partner, Donovan Eckhardt, for fraud filed an emergency motion to stop Victoria from selling her home in Chicago home, claiming that she is "fraudulently attempting to sell and liquidate whatever equity she has in her personal home and transfer the funds to an LLC she co-owns with her boyfriend as a tactic to shield her personal assets from judgment collection."

This move by the couple, James and Anna Morrissey, comes after Victoria and her boyfriend, Michael Marks, executed a quitclaim deed transferring Victoria's home to an LLC called "AVMM Properties LLC." 

The Morrisseys' house was featured on the first season of Victoria's show, "Windy City Rehab." The Morrisseys filed a lawsuit last December in Cook County Circuit Court for breach of contract, breach of warranty, and consumer fraud. Specifically, the Morrisseys claim that Victoria and Eckhardt's construction was "shoddy" and that the house leaked gallons of water the day after they purchased it. The Morrisseys seek to rescind the sale, damages of over $80,000 for upgrades they made to the house, and punitive damages for their emotional distress.

Victoria and Eckhardt are also defendants in another lawsuit pending in Cook County brought by a group of investors who say that Victoria and Eckhardt engaged in a “deliberate and fraudulent scheme to misappropriate funds owed to a group of investors in some of their Chicago home renovation projects." In this suit, the investors seek monetary damages, an injunction preventing the disbursement of funds, and the appointment of a receiver to manage Victoria and Eckhardt's business operations.