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NLRB Seeks to Limit Union First Amendment Speech

Say it ain't so! 2020 may take from labor unions its notorious mascot "Scabby the Rat" during certain Union protests. Scabby the Rat has been used for decades to represent Union support during all types of labor disputes. Yesterday, the NLRB called for public input regarding whether or not to continue to allow Scabby and large banners during "secondary" protests. 

As an advocate of management, Scabby brings with him a certain sense of nostalgia. Practically, however, Scabby and the large banners used during protests can stoke the fire of unrest and division during already difficult times. At a time when, at least nationally, union support is on the rise, it will be interesting to see what rule making actions this Board takes with respect to First Amendment speech of workers and if Scabby becomes another "casualty" of 2020... 

Scabby the Rat's days may be numbered after the National Labor Relations Board asked for public input Tuesday on whether it should limit workers' rights to display the notorious symbol of labor unrest