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The announcement of election results prompted the expected chorus of brands messaging about "unity," but some opted to celebrate on social media.

Many brands shared messages of unity in the wake of the presidential election – but some chose to go bolder on social media. Ben & Jerry’s was expected - but Oreo and Potbelly getting in on the celebration, albeit subtly, was a bit of a surprise.  See @AdAge article about how some other brands choose to message following the historic election.

Brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Bumble and ClassPass, along with ad agencies like McCann Worldwide and R/GA, reacted to the news on social media, to varying levels of overtness. While the passionate Ben & Jerry’s made its position clear in a blog post to its followers, Oreo and Potbelly tweeted oh-so-subtle nods at celebrating. Many focused on celebrating Harris’ historic win or messages of unity, rather than celebrating a win for the Democratic party.


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