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Japanese Companies Anxiously Await Insight into Biden's Trade Policy in 2021 and Beyond

Japan is close to China, and Japan Corporation's business continues to lean on the Chinese market. Biden's team keeps saying that they will be tough on China. But how tough? There are so many grades and so many ways. Under the Trump administration, Japanese companies were busy following the regulations in the U.S. and Japan and also changing the course of doing business. 

Under the Biden administration, its approach to international trade and tariff legislation is not yet clearly defined. One thing for sure is that national policy and the private economy are intertwined like never before. Companies are looking for the information which can navigate and prepare them for next move.

Jefferies analysts wrote in a Wednesday research note. "Although Biden's cabinet candidates have talked tough on China, we believe his strategy would be more consensual and less disruptive to financial markets." But others maintain that the prospect of worsening US-China tensions still exist. The consultancy Eurasia Group sees US-China tensions as one of the biggest risks of 2021, adding that Biden will likely enlist allies from the European Union, Japan and India to push back on China.


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