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Join Me at the Conference on ESG and Investing in an Era of Unprecedented Change

The importance of sustainability and societal impact on investments has been on the rise in recent years with the growing threat of climate change and other environmental and societal concerns. On April 7 & 8, Michael Best will be co-hosting a virtual conference along with Texas A&M University School of Law, where we will be bringing together interdisciplinary perspectives from legal practitioners, investors, and business representatives to explore the risks facing the private sector, and how ESG factors can be integrated into business decisions to benefit both the private sector and the broader community. I will be participating in a panel to discuss the importance of environmental considerations in business and investment decisions, consider how they impact the economy and the private sector, and explore how they can be integrated into the business process. We hope you can join us at next week's event!

Integrating environmental, social and governance ("ESG") practices into decision-making by companies and investors is now more important than ever. Rebuilding our economy requires business to take a more holistic approach to operations and activities. And, it requires an understanding of the impact that ESG factors can have on the sustainability of the private sector, which is vital to mitigating potential business exposure and hazards that occur with increasing frequency, such as systemic, reputational, investment, legal and financial risks.


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