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How to Establish a Subsidiary in Japan

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) published a YouTube Video explaining “Steps to Establish a Subsidiary in Japan.” 

It requires more complicated procedures and it takes more time to establish a subsidiary in Japan than in other countries. A tricky part is notarization of certificate of articles of incorporation. Since the number of notary publics is really limited and it is regulated, you have to ask for legal expert’s help to find one and make an appointment for notarization.

However, you can enjoy organized societies, low crime rate, great foods, drinks and cultures, and more, once you start business in Japan.

Setting Up Business | Investing in Japan - Japan External Trade Organization - JETRO

JETRO provides basic information about the laws and various procedures related to setting up a business in Japan (incorporating business/visas and status of residence/taxes in Japan/human resource management/trademark and design protection systems).


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