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Ethical Artificial Intelligence, an Interview with Sarah Alt in the Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research

In a recent interview for the Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, Sarah Alt, Director of Process Improvement & Technology Integration at Michael Best and Fellow with the Ethical AI Consortium, Inc., discusses ethical AI and what organizations of all sizes should consider when developing, designing, and using AI solutions.

Please note, Sarah is not licensed to practice law and this is merely an interview. For specific guidance, please get in touch with your Michael Best attorney.

I am concerned that most people still believe artificial intelligence is present only when they see robots in the workplace. Yet all of the components that are needed for artificial intelligence are already in place and in use. We should not be waiting for robots to show up. We should be upskilling and cross-skilling the critical thinking and sense-making skills to be ethical and responsible with the algorithms, analytics and automation we already have.


regulatory, privacy cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, ai ethics