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Food Supply Continues to Test Safe for PFAS (Mostly!)

The United State Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently released two additional data sets that show the domestic fresh and processed food supply to be safe from PFAS (for the most part). The May 31, 2023 update also provides a summary of FDA's efforts with the one food sector where PFAS detections have somewhat persisted - seafood. FDA is now testing for the 33 persistent PFAS chemicals. Of course, there are thousands of such compounds.

"The data shared today are consistent with our previous TDS testing results; no PFAS have been detected in over 97% (701 out of 718) of the fresh and processed foods tested from the TDS. At least one type of PFAS was detected in 44% (14 out of 32) of the TDS seafood samples and in 74% (60 out of 81) of the samples from our 2022 targeted seafood survey."


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