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Is there a Doctor on the Farm?

Effective next week, and as reported in Dairy Herd Management, FDA's "Guidance for Industry #263" goes into effect. This will require that certain listed antibiotics (and other therapeutics) can only be purchased from a licensed pharmacy via a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) and not over the counter (OTC). Livestock farmers can buy the antibiotics wherever they are sold (not necessarily from the prescribing veterinarian); however, they must have a script and a valid VCPR. This really will not be a changed practice for most livestock producers, rather is reportedly intended to provide more transparency to consumers. Please reach out if you have any questions concerning this implementation. 

"According to the FDA, this is part of a broader effort to combat antimicrobial resistance, a serious threat to both animals and the public health. While livestock producers are continuously working to practice judicious antibiotic usage, this guidance will provide consumers with an extra layer of assurance."


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