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| 1 minute read

Ever heard of a "climatarian"? Apparently, over half of consumers claim to be one.

I love my job because even after 30+ years of practice, I learn something new just about every day. Recently, I learned what a “climatarian” is. It is someone who adapts the way they eat to be more sustainable. And according to Tetra Pak's Index 2023, more than half of the consumers who were the subject of a 10-country survey fit that description.

Consumers in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Kenya, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the UK, and the USA, were surveyed by the market research firm IPSOS. 70% of the respondents said they believe that healthy products should not harm the environment and another 54% claim to be willing to take responsibility for helping the planet through their own diet. That result did not strike me as particularly surprising. What did give me pause is that half of those surveyed feel if a food product is not healthy, it is not sustainable for the planet. That corresponded with only 17% of those surveyed claiming they would sacrifice the healthfulness of food and drink products if they had to make economic cutbacks. 

All of this information suggests to me that consumers throughout the world are more focused than ever on the sustainability and perceived healthfulness of their food and are willing to pay for products that do both. Consider me among that group. I guess you can call me a “climatarian.”  

Consumers are adapting their attitudes about food to a changing climate and aiming for more sustainable eating habits, research ... suggests. The research also indicated that consumers are gravitating towards healthier products, a trend that is hampered little by economic concerns.


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