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American Biogas Council Releases Draft Carbon Accounting Methodology

Congratulations to our friends at ECO Engineers who, on behalf of the American Biogas Council, released for public comment a draft Carbon Accounting Methodology for Biogas.  The methodology was developed with input throughout the biogas industry.  The environmental benefits of the methane capture and destruction or conversion via anaerobic digesters has been known for decades.  Using the widely-accepted Greehouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, Energy Use in Technologies (GREET) model as a foundation, the methodology aims to expand the scope of carbon benefit accounting for biogas projects recognized by the various voluntary markets and registries in a conservative and responsible manner.  For example, the methodology seeks to recognize the carbon-avoiding benefits of the use of digestate as an organic fertilizer co-product, replacing fossil fuel derived fertilizer. The methodology addresses the most common biogas projects/applications in the US including (i) animal waste; (ii) landfills; (iii) waste water treatment plants; and (iv) food wastes.  We hope the methodology gains support and assists in further project development in the burgeoning carbon offset and inset markets.

"This methodology aims to build on existing compliance and voluntary carbon market methodologies to properly account for all life-cycle carbon emissions reltated to biogas production of any kind."


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