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Returning to work when "Ikea meets Lego"

Here is some inspiration for the many businesses contemplating what return to work could look like.  While every business may not be able to deploy a deep bench of structural engineers, architects, and interior designers like Google, this article provides some take-aways for creating unique work environments.

The plans build on work that began before the coronavirus crisis sent Google’s work force home, when the company asked a diverse group of consultants — including sociologists who study “Generation Z” and how junior high students socialize and learn — to imagine what future workers would want. The answer seems to be Ikea meets Lego. Instead of rows of desks next to cookie-cutter meeting rooms, Google is designing “Team Pods.” Each pod is a blank canvas: Chairs, desks, whiteboards and storage units on casters can be wheeled into various arrangements, and in some cases rearranged in a matter of hours.


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