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The ABCs of ESG

Last week we launched our new limited podcast series, "ESG Insights." Over the next several weeks, we will explore the intersection of environmental, social, and governance issues and the legal landscape. We will discuss everything from ESG basics to how employers implement ESG into their benefits programs. We will also be talking to experts on the importance of ESG and how businesses are creating roadmaps to get started. 

In our first episode, we discuss the "ABCs" of ESG - what is ESG and why should you care? Whether you are a sustainability expert or just starting on your ESG journey, this podcast will provide valuable insights on a nuanced topic. 

Stay tuned for next week's episode, where I talk with Melissa Baldridge, founder of Greendesk, a mission-driven ESG consulting firm, on how companies should approach ESG and what those first steps can look like.

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Right or wrong, for good or for bad, the responsibility for addressing social and ethical issues is increasingly falling on the shoulders of our business community and business leaders.


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